Rovers Morning Glory


MORNINGS : 6-11a (mon-fri) Rover’s Morning Glory is a syndicated radio morning show based in Cleveland, OH with an affiliate in Rochester, NY.  The show is hosted by Rover, with co-hosts Duji and … [Read more...]


Alicia Thumb

DAYS : 11AM-3PM (mon-fri)   We here at The Zone @ 94.1 do 94 words to describe ourselves every couple of months.  So you our loyal listener can see how much we grow and change over the months. … [Read more...]

Homeless Mark

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AFTERNOONS - 3-7pm (mon-fri) & Zonegrown -Hometown: Rochester, NY -Years with the Zone 5-6 - Hey everyone my name is Mark or Homeless Mark.  Now I’m supposed to fill this area with things … [Read more...]


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Weeknights 7PM-12AM (Mon-Fri) People ask me, “Zack, where do you stand on the whole ‘Having Sex with Animals’ debate?”… fair question.  My answer?  Don’t.  Do.  It.  But if you MUST do it, allow me … [Read more...]



WEEKENDS     - Here are random things about me: I look like Terri Chiavo, drugs are fun, beer makes the world go 'round, everyone at this station likes the worst sports teams (mainly Smallz and … [Read more...]


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  WEEKENDS Hometown: Webster NY Years with the Zone: 5 Years - I have been told that I have what some may call a weight problem. A girl once told me that I look like a … [Read more...]

Kev D

Kev D.

  WEEKENDS Hometown: Walworth, NY Years with The Zone: 1 So if I could depict myself in 94 words like "The Man" is telling me I must I would have to say I am the person who … [Read more...]

Matt P.

Matt P

WEEKENDS Hometown: Greece, N.Y. Years with The Zone: 3 Well it looks like I’m The Zone’s newest rookie. You want to know a little bit about me eh? I have an odd obsession with lemon flavored … [Read more...]



WEEKENDS, GORILLA RADIO HOST, MUSIC INTERVENTION HOST Hometown: Chili, NY If sasquatch and Slayer had a slow learning love child you would get me. I am gorilla and it has nothing to do with the … [Read more...]

Bud Light Lime Summer Lime Smiles

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Join The Zone Extreme Team and the Bud Light Lime Girls at the best local summer waterside bars! Lighten up and give us your best Summer Lime Smile. Check out and vote for your favorite Bud Light … [Read more...]