Rovers Morning Glory

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MORNINGS : 6-11a (mon-fri) Rover’s Morning Glory is a syndicated radio morning show based in Cleveland, OH with an affiliate in Rochester, NY.  The show is hosted by Rover, with co-hosts Duji and … [Read more...]


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DAYS : 11AM-3PM (mon-fri)   We here at The Zone @ 94.1 do 94 words to describe ourselves every couple of months.  So you our loyal listener can see how much we grow and change over the months. … [Read more...]

Homeless Mark

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AFTERNOONS - 3-7pm (mon-fri) & Zonegrown -Hometown: Rochester, NY -Years with the Zone 5-6 - Hey everyone my name is Mark or Homeless Mark.  Now I’m supposed to fill this area with things … [Read more...]


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Weeknights 7PM-12AM (Mon-Fri)   - Did you know that Nick Nolte is related to me?  My fathers fathers mothers maiden name was Nolte.  That guy’s an actor extaordinaire!  The California Kid?!  The … [Read more...]



WEEKENDS     - Here are random things about me: I look like Terri Chiavo, drugs are fun, beer makes the world go 'round, everyone at this station likes the worst sports teams (mainly Smallz and … [Read more...]


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  WEEKENDS Hometown: Webster NY Years with the Zone: 5 Years - I have been told that I have what some may call a weight problem. A girl once told me that I look like a … [Read more...]

Kev D

Kev D.

  WEEKENDS/MUSIC INTERVENTION HOST Hometown: Walworth, NY Years with The Zone: 1 So if I could depict myself in 94 words like "The Man" is telling me I must I would have to say I am the … [Read more...]

Matt P.

Matt P

WEEKENDS Hometown: Greece, N.Y. Years with The Zone: 3 Well it looks like I’m The Zone’s newest rookie. You want to know a little bit about me eh? I have an odd obsession with lemon flavored … [Read more...]