Rovers Morning Glory

  MORNINGS : 6-11a (mon-fri) Rover’s Morning Glory is a syndicated radio morning show based in Cleveland, OH with an affiliate in Rochester, NY.  The show is hosted by Rover, with co-hosts Duji … [Read more...]

Homeless Mark

HOST OF THE GENTLEMEN'S CLUB WEEKDAY AFTERNOONS 3-7PM -Hometown: Rochester, NY -Years with the Zone 5-6 - Hey everyone my name is Mark or Homeless Mark.  Now I’m supposed to fill this area … [Read more...]

Shane Allen

Tweets by @ShaneZone941 Gentlemen's Club Co-Host MONDAY-FRIDAY 3pm-7pm Hometown: Webster NY Years with the Zone: 5 Years - I have been told that I have what some may call a weight … [Read more...]

Matt P.

WEEKENDS Hometown: Greece, N.Y. Years with The Zone: 4 Favorite Zone Artist: Rise Against Welcome to my small portion of the website I have been given me to tell you a little bit about myself. As … [Read more...]


WEEKENDS, GORILLA RADIO HOST, ZONE GROWN HOST Hometown: Chili, NY Years with The Zone: 1 Favorite Zone Artist: Besides Metal stuff, Pearl Jam Waddup Holmes!! I am your primitive man for all … [Read more...]


VIOLET On The Air   How Long You Have Been at the Station: 1 year Hometown: Webster NY Favorite Zone Artist: Beastie Boys, Imagine Dragons, Rage, Killers, Muse, Taking Back Sunday, Strokes, … [Read more...]


    I haven’t updated this in a long time so eff it, why not? I have recently begun reading books again.  Not because I’m an intellectual, I just keep going over on my data plan.  So … [Read more...]


 94 Words with GOOSE WEEKENDS Hometown: Greece, N.Y. Years with The Zone: 3 Favorite Zone Artist: = Social Distortion, Flaming Lips, Benjamin Booker, Royal Blood, Nirvana, Green Day, Sublime, … [Read more...]


 JIM On The Air  How Long You Have Been at the Station: 2 years Hometown: Rochester NY Favorite Zone Artist: Green Day If you could trade places with anyone in the world who would it be? My … [Read more...]