94.1 The Zone’s Music Survey

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It’s 94.1 The Zone’s Music Survey. 


Here’s your chance to tell us what you think about the
music that we play on the Zone.

Just CLICK HERE to get started.





    1. Ryan hamlin says:

      Music is great, I’m a long time listener. I appreciate all your hard work and thanks for everything.

    2. Good variations, there are a couple songs you hear twice within a couple hr period but other than that, great job!!!

    3. Jacob Carder says:

      When is the winner announced for the PS4?

    4. We usually do the drawing near the end of the month. We will send you a message if you’re the winner!

    5. Diane Skowronski-Labonte says:

      I’ve loved this station for years. I would appreciate it if you’d realize your demographics aren’t limited to only under 30.

    6. Absolutely! Thanks for listening! The music survey is the perfect place to let us know what you like/dislike.

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