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The Zone @ 94.1 has teamed up with the Great House Of Guitars, to bring you new rock, at an affordable price.

Each month, check back here see the latest releases, and then stop by the House Of Guitars at 645 Titus Avenue to pick them up at a special low Zone Price.

November 2014

Glass Animals

Featuring : “Gooey”

Album: ZABA

Rise Against

Featuring : “Tragedy + Time”

Album : The Black Market

Big Data

Featuring: “Business of Emotion”

Album: 2.0


Featuring : “Reflections”

Album: Reflections

Dirty Heads

Featuring : “Sound of Change”

Album: Sound of Change

Smashing Pumpkins

Featuring : “Being Beige”

Album: Monuments of the Elegy

Airborne Toxic Event

Featuring : “Wrong”

Album: Dope Machines