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Hometown: Greece, N.Y.

Years with The Zone: 3

Favorite Zone Artist: = Social Distortion, Flaming Lips, Benjamin Booker, Royal

Blood, Nirvana, Green Day, Sublime, Pixies, Ramones, Banks, Weezer, Alt-J, Catfish and the

Bottlemen, The White Stripes.

They say my voice is like the feeling you get when dipping an extremity into melted butter. And if

that last statement has your feathers in a ruffle, go ahead and grow yourself a nice handlebar mustache

while riding in an F-14 Jet due South for the winter. Or you could just tune into 94.1 The Zone on

Saturdays from 2p-7p, and Sundays from 10a-2p to listen to me. I promise it will make you feel the

same way. Also, they often ask me how I’m 5’10” yet weigh under 150lbs. Hollow bones yo.


1) Have any “Lifehacks” you live by? Go to a bar at least once a month, that doesn’t have a T.V.

2) If you could be any famous person who would it be? f I could choose to be any famous person, I would definitely be Slash. Reason? Great hair, great guitarist, great name, and the only person in the world that can wear a gigantic ridiculous leather hat from age 21-49 and totally pull it off every time.

3) What is a Youtube video that you are always showing people? This one because time-traveling celebrity vampires are real yo.


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  1. Rick

    Long time listener and emailer. I love The Ramones more than anything so would it be possible for you to play something other than Blitzkrieg Bop or i wanna be Sedated? I like both tunes but maybe something like Carbona Not Glue or Warthog?


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