DAYS : 11AM-3PM (mon-fri)

 Hometown: Rochester, NY

Years with the Zone: 3

Favorite Zone artist: Jack White, Royal Blood, & Jack White!!

 Hi, my name is Alicia Tyler.  I’m on 94.1 The Zone from 11 am to 3 pm, Monday through Friday.  It’s more like 11:30 am because Rover likes to talk a lot! lol.  I got into radio so I could listen to music all day and get paid for it.  It’s worked pretty well so far.  I live for discovering great new bands, movies, etc.  I also frequent all the great new bars/restaurants in Rochester like Good Luck, Victoire, Cheshire, Trata, and Revelry.  Mainly for the alcohol but the food is good too! 😉

1. Predictions for 2015? Everything will stay the same.
2. What is the most disgusting food you’ve ever tasted? Probably the rabbit that I played with earlier in the day that my uncle made for dinner when I was a little kid. For the record once I realized I was eating fluffy I stopped!

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