Oh, hello. Good morning, noble afternoon and adequate evening to you, reader of my zone profile.
They call me Smallz, you can do the same. I like turtles.

I come from the land of a thousand snowflakes. I prefer the frosted flake.

Because of my unhealthy obsession for all things sports, I hold the ‘sports guy’ championship belt. I’m a fighting champ, so anyone who wants to challenge me can bring it whenever they’d like.

Gratuitous Sports is M-F on 94.1 The Zone, check out THESE Gratuitous Sports:

  • Chess-Boxing
  • Turkish Oil Wrestling
  • Olympic Pole Dancing
    (All Legit)
Hometown: R-O-C….hester
Years with the Zone: 5…almost 5…

1. When the Zombie apocalypse occurs, what would be in your survival pack?  WTF is up with all this zombie talk? Not happenin’ people, get over it!  But ok, If i had to have a survival kit it consists of: Season 1 of The Walking Dead on VHS (no vhs? It’s the end of the world, I’ll find one). An AX, not to be confused with Axe. A brick of cheese and a tazer. I’d scrounge up some guns later…

2. If you had enough money to retire, what would you do with all your free time? Retire?…Money?…2 things I will never be familiar with working in this profession.

3. When was the last time you tried something new? What was it? I tried wearing a bra to stop jogger’s nip (it’s an epidemic, TRUST ME)…it felt silky and sexy, so now i don’t leave home without a bra.

4. You woke up tomorrow, and realized you had a super power! What would it be? I’m already the hulk. I turn green when ya piss me off and also when i’m drunk but being able to fly would make life so  much easier.

5. What movie are you looking forward to seeing the most this year? …MOVIE OF FOREVER!…this gem right here, “Mr. Go.”

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