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Neighborhood Getaways

NYC & Company’s Neighborhood Getaways introduces the more diverse lineup of five borough offers ever, here to help you find out what’s open now and connect you with the experiences you’ve missed – and didn’t know you were missing. Get up to $100 back using your Mastercard by registering your card first to receive $10 back on every $20 spent on experiences—or $25 back on every $100 spent on hotels—for up to $100 in statement credits per cardholder (while supplies last). So start planning your much-needed getaway, right from your home at

Brooklyn Opens Up
6–6& 7-2020
@ Julienne Schaer

All In NYC: Public Art Edition

Public art is integral to the landscape of New York City. Sprouting up in parks, blanketing concrete walls and transforming street corners, these works have always been a true testament to the City’s uncontainable creative spirit. Visit to discover museum-worthy public art throughout all five boroughs—and remember that masks and social distancing are key to exploring responsibly.

Staycation Guides

New York City is a million destinations in one. NYC & Company is rolling out curated itineraries each week to showcase what’s open, reconnect you with everything you’ve missed and inspire you to discover the City through fresh eyes. Visit today.

Brooklyn Opens Up
6– 7-2020
@ Julienne Schaer

Stay Well NYC

New York City’s dynamism is defined by its people—those who live here, those who work here and all who visit from afar. Ensuring everyone’s well-being is paramount right now, and it’s a community effort. We at NYC & Company are asking tourism and hospitality businesses and their guests to take this Pledge, backed by public health protocols, to help the five boroughs reopen responsibly. View the pledge at


What to do for Halloween in NYC

Halloween is still happening in New York City with plenty of themed outdoor activities will take place across the five boroughs, giving you a chance to pick pumpkins, dress up in costume (you’ll already be wearing a mask, right?), get the odd fright and stay socially distanced while doing so. Read more at


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