Rovers Morning Glory


MORNINGS : 6-11a (mon-fri)

Rover’s Morning Glory is a syndicated radio morning show based in Cleveland, OH with an affiliate in Rochester, NY.  The show is hosted by Rover, with co-hosts Duji and Dieter contributing social commentary on a range of topics consisting of current events, pop culture, politics, and cast member’s personal stories.  Rover is the ring leader of the crew with Duji doing the news with her segment called “The Shizzy”, while Dieter is a steroid-infused jock who every guy loves or hates.
Rover’s Morning Glory airs Monday – Friday from 6:00 – 11:00 am EST.



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  1. William Cooper

    This is Bill tell Jeffery there is Warplane museum 25 min. South of Rochester. The National Warplane Museum. Focus on world war 2 planes B-17 c-47 etc we will be there Saturday all day have him stop by he can call me @ 585-704-5299 Bill

  2. Anonymous

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  3. Christian Stratmann

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  4. Richard J Gonzalez

    Yo Rover you still training??????????if not I got an event for you and company ??? If this Coronavirus find a cure by June The 5k or walk its here in Rochester New York represents all federal, military personnel The 5k and walk Is SSGT JAVIER ORTIS June 20 / 2020 seneca park 2222 ST Paul Street Rochester NY 14621 note anybody who like to walk or jog and run later RJG

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